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Teaser #1 Der Doppelgänger
Edwin Cabascango

Teaser #1 Der Doppelgänger


24.09.2016 //Ælvespeilet og Vinjehuset, Porsgrunn//Norway


The performance is about a human and his double, exploration of the unknown side through the physical. Double’s appearance in different cultures and mythologies is the main driver for the performance's idea: the exploration of the mysterious side through the physical. There is much focus on playing with the physicality in the performance. Genre of the performance is scenic dance with the visual art created by Marit Silsand. The material for this performance was developed during Mucker Mate residency, which was a part of the Oslo Pilot project. Der Doppelgänger had its premiere in autumn 2016 during Tid for dans festival in Porsgrunn, it was later a part of the program for R.E.D. (Residency Eina Danz) and participated in Showcase on the 27th of November. The performance was shown at Scenehuset in Oslo in January 2017.

"Human beings are perceivers, but the world that they perceive is an illusion: an illusion created by the description that was told to them from the moment they were born."

- Carlos Castaneda


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