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From: 17.11.2019 //BLS Oslo//Norway



T&M workshops take elements from different somatic techniques and contemporary dance. For me it is crucial that dancers’ practice and training go together with performative experience. My goal is to change and activate the physical perception of our body and remind the infinite possibilities of the movement.



  • The first part of the class goes deeper into breathing forms and how to give direction and form to the body. The form of our breathing can reorganize the intention and expectations of the body. I use Biomechanics for the floorwork, because the physical body needs to understand the spiral form for effectivity and energy in the articulations and muscles.

  • Partnering is a tool for understanding your body and the second body through playing full dynamics and using the different levels of risk for falling and rolling. This kind of connection takes us into acrobatics.

  • At the same time we use the foot work for transporting each other in the space. Much of the material is inspired of fight and play that gives an opportunity to improvise and develop dancer's own material.



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